People cardio clear 7 often jump on the scales to weigh themselves. However the scales are abiased device and not a true measure of your progress when losing weight. You will see people on the beach or in the street who are obviously thinner or fitter than most other people.

The bars used to measure the weight of each individual are known as ‘body mass scales’ and are affected by several factors, which are not all within your direct control. In order to make a meaningful assessment of your progress when losing weight it is more beneficial to gain a more accurate measurement of actual body fat percentage, which is something you can more easily do without the expense and time consuming calculations.

How do I calculate my body fat percentage? – To calculate your body fat percentage, download a suitable software such asthe or calculate it yourself like this:

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Divide your body weight in kilograms by the square of your height in centimetres or your body weight in pounds by the square of your height in inches, then multiply by 703.

This will give you your body mass index, which will be compared to a range of guidelines, to find out if you are overweight. Most people have a body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9.

Why do some succeed where others fail? – Some people will simply have a great metabolic naturally, and this makes them sufficiently self-disciplined to be able to go all the way. Others tend to have hormonal problems, family habits, poor dietary habits or just a poor motivation to make things happen.

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Is it possible to lose weight without exercise? – A common weight loss myth is that it is easy to lose weight without exercise. This is untrue, and this attitude is the reason why most people fail to achieve weight loss.The good news is that exercising is completely optional, but it does increase the speed of weight loss and ensures that you do not lose muscle.

People often believe that if you take medication to suppress appetite, exercise and eat properly, you will lose weight quickly. Unfortunately when this happens the weight is mainly water, and quickly regained. This has a very negative effect on a weight loss programme, so people who jump this factor, in their favour.

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You can increase your metabolism naturally, and increase the amount of calories you use, without changing your eating habits, exercise or even taking medication. This is often much more effective, as you will begin to do the things that you may not have done in the past, like leave your car further away, or walk to the store.

How can I exercise without making it hard on my joints? – Exercising is a very important factor in weight loss, yet many people find this to be very difficult. When you do any form of exercise, whether it is walking, running or lifting weights etc, your body will have a slight build up of lactic acid in the joints. As your body starts to work harder, this is a signal to stop, and it will help to prevent injury.

You will also discover more efficient ways of burning calories. Breathing more effectively and deeply will also expand your cardio clear 7 website energy front and this will discourage stress and fatigue. Remember: exercise does not replace your diet, and weight loss and making a difference to your body, should be the natural result of a healthy lifestyle.

Can I still do it my way? – You often come to me for consultation, and I always reply using the words “your way”.

“Your way” is a style of working out that includes time out sessions that are fast paced and challenging. You will need a continuous series of challenging exercises that will give you real results, followed by rest and shower.

You may not get the reflexes of a super model, but you will get the great fit body, and more importantly, the confidence of a healthy person.